Class Schedule

SCB Classes for Spring 2018 v. 4.10.18

Saratoga City Ballet Levels                                                            

The Studio’s teachers will match the dancer to the appropriate level for their age and ability. These decisions are made at the discretion of the School Director.

Children’s Division

Creative Movement      Age 3-4
Pre-Ballet                        Age 4-5
Ballet I                             Age 5-7

Main Division

Ballet II                           Age 7-9
Ballet III                          Age 9-10
Ballet IV                          Age 10-13
Ballet V                           Age 13 and UP


A RECREATIONAL DANCER is free to pick and choose the DAY(s) that suit their schedule, as well as the DANCE FORM(s) that interest them. This means the student may explore the school’s offerings without being required to take a minimum number of classes for their level.

However, if RECREATIONAL DANCERS would like to perform in our productions they will be required to audition.

A FULL TIME DANCER is on a path of serious training. This means the student is required to advance their study yearly by taking more classes. Saratoga City Ballet ascribes to a conventionally structured system that sees the young dancer starting with one ballet class per week, and working up to (over several years) a daily ballet and/or dance class.

FULL TIME DANCERS are automatically given the opportunity to perform in our Winter and Spring productions, provided that attendance throughout each term is regular and satisfactory but will still audition for placement.

The FULL TIME DANCER’s schedule:

Ballet I – 1 (one) Ballet class a week

Ballet II – 2 classes a week (2 Ballet classes OR 1 Ballet class + 1 Jazz class)

Ballet III – 3 classes a week (3 Ballet classes OR 2 Ballet classes + 1 Jazz, or 1 Modern)

Ballet IV – 4 classes a week (4 Ballet classes OR 3 Ballet classes + 1 Jazz, or 1 Modern)

Ballet V – 5 classes a week (5 Ballet classes with 1 Jazz or 1 Modern or 5-6 Ballet classes)