Class Levels & Dress Code

Class Levels

Childrens Division

Creative MovementAge 3-4
Pre-BalletAge 4-5 (Pre-School)
Ballet I (Intermediate)Age 5-6 (Kindergarden)
Ballet I (Advanced)Age 6-7 (First Grade)

Main Division

Ballet II (Intermediate)Age 7-8 (Second Grade)
Ballet II (Advanced)Age 8-9 (Third Grade)
Ballet IIIAge 9-10
Ballet IVAge 10-12
Ballet VAge 13 and up

Dress Code

Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet — Short or long sleeve leotard with pink tights.

Ballet I — White leotard and pink tights.

Ballet II (Intermediate) — White leotard and pink tights.

Ballet II (Advanced) – Ballet V — Black leotard and pink tights.

**Saturday class for Ballet IV and V — Colored leotard and pink tights.

***All Pink Tights – must be worn under leotard and over feet for all classes.

***Pink Ballet Slippers — must be worn for all classes with elastics properly sewn.

****Hair must be worn completely off the neck in a neat bun, neat bangs are allowed. Please no jewelry other then stud-type earrings.



Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Footless tights (pink or black) OR capri yoga pants.

NO SHORTS unless there are tights underneath.

Hair in a ponytail.



Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Jazz pants or Leggings (solid colors only)

Jazz shoe (black) pull on style

Hair in a “messy” (not tight) bun or in a braid


Do not leave any items in dressing rooms; bring your belongings with you to class.  Saratoga City Ballet  is not responsible for lost items.