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Welcome SCB Families!

We are so excited to share our Schedule with you!

We realize the decisions that many families are being asked to make during these times are not easy ones, and we can assure you that we have put careful time, thought and discussion into the steps we plan to take moving forward.  

As in past years, students will sign up for their appropriate division level and number of classes online.  Once classes have been registered for, students will be organized into “class cohorts” that will rotate between a two week in-studio session and a two week online live-stream session.  Cohorts will be in sections of no more than 7 students for those taking classes held in the large studio and 3 students per class for those taking classes in the small studio.  Students will attend in-studio classes with their assigned cohort for two consecutive weeks and then continue the classes via live-stream zoom for the next two weeks.  The purpose of this is to minimize the number of people within the studio during the two week increments, while recognizing the need and benefit of quality, in person instruction.  

Other changes moving forward are as follows:

  • Class lengths will be shortened to no more than 45 minutes per class to allow for cleaning time in between classes.
  • Students will be required to wear masks at all times, however mask & water breaks will be provided frequently and safely. Parents will no longer be allowed to wait in the studio common area. 
  • All families will be required to register with “Remind” – an online tool that will enable us to health screen all students prior to class.

We sincerely hope that these changes will allow our school to continue to thrive and allow us to ride out this challenging time.  No decision has been made with levity and we are continuing to try to meet the needs of our students, our staff and of our community all within a safe manner. 

We are grateful for your continued support and understanding and look forward to making it through this challenging time together!

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