Class Levels & Dress Code

Class Levels

Saratoga City Ballet Levels                                                            

Saratoga City Ballet offers ballet classes and additional dance classes (jazz, modern, core workouts) for children, teens and adults ages 3 and up.  All ballet placements are made at the discretion of the School Director. For questions regarding placement levels, please contact Siobhan Dunham at (518) 584-1895 or email

Children’s Division

WEe Move                       Ages 1-3 with Parent / Guardian
Creative Movement      Age 3-4
Pre-Ballet                        Age 4-5
Ballet I                             Age 5-7

Main Division

Ballet II                           Age 7-9
Ballet III                          Age 9-10
Ballet IV                          Age 10-13
Ballet V                           Age 13 and UP

Pointe A                Beginner level. Dancers in their 1st or 2nd year of pointe work may be placed in this division.

Pointe B                Intermediate level. Dancers in their 2nd or 3rd year of pointe work may be placed in this division.

Pointe C                Advanced level. Dancers with a minimum of 3 years of pointe work may be placed in this division.

*Dancers taking pointe must be enrolled in at least 2 technique classes per week.

The Studio’s teachers will match the dancer to the appropriate level for their age and ability. Please discuss placement levels with your dancer’s teacher.

Jazz:                     Teacher: Jessica Fowler
Jazz II:                  Advanced Jazz dancers
Jazz I:                   Beginning / Intermediate Jazz dancers (ages 10 up)

Modern:              Teacher: Beth Fecteau
Modern II:           Advanced Modern dancers
Modern I:             Beginning / Intermediate Modern dancers (ages 10 up)

A RECREATIONAL DANCER is free to pick and choose the DAY(s) that suit their schedule, as well as the DANCE FORM(s) that interest them. This means the student may explore the school’s offerings without being required to take a minimum number of classes for their level.

A FULL TIME DANCER is on a path of serious training. This means the student is required to advance their study yearly by taking more classes. Saratoga City Ballet ascribes to a conventionally structured system that sees the young dancer starting with one ballet class per week, and working up to (over several years) a daily ballet and/or dance class.

The FULL TIME DANCER’s schedule:

Ballet I – 1 (one) Ballet class a week

Ballet II – 2 classes a week (2 Ballet classes OR 1 Ballet class + 1 Jazz class)

Ballet III – 3 classes a week (3 Ballet classes OR 2 Ballet classes + 1 Jazz, or 1 Modern)

Ballet IV – 4 classes a week (4 Ballet classes OR 3 Ballet classes + 1 Jazz, Modern or Tap)

Ballet V – 5 classes a week (5 Ballet classes with 1 Jazz, Modern, Tap or 5-6 Ballet classes)                           

Dress Code

Saratoga City Ballet recommends Saratoga Dance for all your dress code requirements, shoe fittings and accessories.


Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet: Short or long sleeve leotard with pink tights

Ballet I: White leotard and pink tights

Ballet II: White leotard and pink tights

Ballet III – Ballet V: Black leotard and pink tights**

** Ballet V dancers may wear colored leotards the first week of each month.

All boys: Black tights and white leotard or white t-shirt, black ballet shoes

All: Hair must be worn completely off the neck in a neat bun, neat bangs are allowed. Please no jewelry other than stud-type earrings.

ALL PINK TIGHTS – must be worn under leotard and over feet for all classes

PINK BALLET SLIPPERS – must be worn for all classes with elastics properly sewn.


Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Footless tights (pink or black) OR capri yoga pants

NO SHORTS unless there are tights underneath

Hair in a ponytail


Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Jazz pants or Leggings (solid colors only)

Jazz shoe (black) pull on style

Hair in a “messy” (not tight) bun or in a braid


Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Jazz pants or Leggings (color of choice)

Low-heeled Jazz Tap shoe (black) Capezio or Bloch

Hair pulled back away from face (ponytail or braid)

PLEASE DO NOT leave any items in dressing rooms; bring your belongings with you to class. Saratoga City Ballet, Inc. is not responsible for lost items.