Class Levels & Dress Code

Class Levels

Saratoga City Ballet Levels                                                            

Saratoga City Ballet offers ballet classes and additional dance classes (jazz, modern, core workouts) for children, teens and adults ages 3 and up.  All ballet placements are made at the discretion of the School Director. For questions regarding placement levels, please contact Siobhan Dunham at (518) 584-1895 or email

Beginner levels: PreBallet, Ballet I & Ballet II

PreBallet (ages 5 & 6) provides an introduction to ballet for our youngest dancers.  This program                                                                                                                  teaches young dancers early movement and musicality. Students will learn early ballet terminology                                                                                                                                                                    as well as creative movement and expression.

Ballet I (ages 6 & 7) provides an introduction to a structured class routine consisting of work
at the barre and the center floor. Basic ballet etiquette is taught e.g., quiet in the classroom, no
running, listening to the teacher and thanking the teacher at the end of class. At this young age
it is very important to allow room for fun and energetic movements that balance the discipline
of listening and working together respectfully. It is expected that a student will spend two years
in this division. *

Ballet II (ages 8 & 9) sees more steps being added to the barre and center work. Rhythm
becomes an area of exploration. In addition, the French vocabulary is taught and explained. At
this age we strive to strengthen the student’s formal studio training by emphasizing punctuality,
dress code, proper hairstyle and respectful behavior in relation to the teacher and fellow
classmates. It is expected that a student will spend two years in this division. *

Intermediate levels: Ballet III & Ballet IV

Ballet III (ages 10 &11) builds on the foundation that has been laid by adding more steps,
as well as corrections and repetition. At this time the dancer will be taught challenging steps
such as turns and big jumps that are presented in a separate class called a “Technique
Intensive”. Beginning Pointe work is introduced in the second year of Ballet III. It now
becomes important for the young dancer to aim for two (plus) classes a week to keep up with
the syllabus. It is expected that a student will spend two years in this division. *

Ballet IV (ages 12 &13) is the beginning of a more exacting approach to the physicality of
ballet from both the teacher’s requests of the student and the students desire to progress.
Steps become combinations, and combinations become choreography. Memory, patterning,
aerobic stamina, and personal goal setting all come into play now. Dancers should be starting to
analyze the “how to” of movement and asking questions of the teacher. This level progressively
prepares the student for the rigors of performance. For this reason, good attendance is required
to advance. Pointe work is more demanding and requires careful observance by the teacher,
and dedication from the student. Not all dancers will progress at the same rate in this tricky
area. It is expected that a student will spend two years in this division. *

Advanced Level: Ballet V

Ballet V (ages 14 -18) is multiple years of pursuit for more, higher, bigger, better movement.
Much of the dancer’s technique is explored in different formats such as reversing movement,
adding beats (crossings of the legs) to jumps, doing multiple turns and various types of turns.
Polishing the finer aspects of technique requires attention to detail and that is a strong
emphasis at this level. Artistry is addressed as teachers stress conceptual areas of interest that
can now be investigated, such as the body as an instrument of communication, and ballet as a
language. Strong pointe work is required over the course of training at this level. To achieve
strength requires regular application, and a willingness to work. Not all dancers will progress at
the same rate in this area.


Pointe A: Beginner level. Dancers in their 1st or 2nd year of pointe work may be placed in this division.

Pointe B: Intermediate level. Dancers in their 2nd or 3rd year of pointe work may be placed in this division.

Pointe C: Advanced level. Dancers with a minimum of 3 years of pointe work may be placed in this division.

*Dancers taking pointe must be enrolled in at least 2 technique classes per week.

*Advancement is based on ability, not age. Ages are only guidelines. Some students spend more than
two years in a level as their minds and bodies develop, while others progress more quickly. Students will
be moved up at the School Director’s discretion.

Jazz:                     Teacher: Jessica Fowler
Jazz II:                  Advanced Jazz dancers (dancers should have 2-3 years of experience with jazz)
Jazz I:                   Beginning / Intermediate Jazz dancers (ages 9 up)

Modern:              Teacher: Hannah Albin
Modern II:           Advanced Modern dancers
Modern I:             Beginning / Intermediate Modern dancers (ages 10 up)

The recommended schedule for each age level:

Ballet I – 1 (one) Ballet class a week

Ballet II – 2 classes a week (2 Ballet classes OR 1 Ballet class + 1 Jazz class)

Ballet III – 3 classes a week (3 Ballet classes OR 2 Ballet classes + 1 Jazz, or 1 Modern)

Ballet IV – 4 classes a week (4 Ballet classes OR 3 Ballet classes + 1 Jazz, Modern or Tap)

Ballet V – 5 classes a week (5 Ballet classes with 1 Jazz, Modern, Tap or 5-6 Ballet classes)                           

Dress Code

Saratoga City Ballet recommends Saratoga Dance for all your dress code requirements, shoe fittings and accessories.


Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet: Short or long sleeve leotard with pink tights

Ballet I: White leotard and pink tights

Ballet II: White leotard and pink tights

Ballet III – Ballet V: Black leotard and pink tights**

** Ballet V dancers may wear colored leotards the first week of each month.

All boys: Black tights and white leotard or white t-shirt, black ballet shoes

All: Hair must be worn completely off the neck in a neat bun, neat bangs are allowed. Please no jewelry other than stud-type earrings.

ALL PINK TIGHTS – must be worn under leotard and over feet for all classes

PINK BALLET SLIPPERS – must be worn for all classes with elastics properly sewn.


Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Footless tights (pink or black) OR capri yoga pants

NO SHORTS unless there are tights underneath

Hair in a ponytail


Solid colored leotard (color of choice)

Jazz pants or Leggings (solid colors only)

Jazz shoe (black) pull on style

Hair in a “messy” (not tight) bun or in a braid


* PLEASE DO NOT leave any items in dressing rooms; bring your belongings with you to class. Saratoga City Ballet, Inc. is not responsible for lost items.



Mission Statement

Saratoga City Ballet, Inc. is a non-profit ballet school committed to educating and developing the art of dance for the children and teens of the greater Saratoga Springs, NY area. Through training within  a variety of ballet classes and dance classes and presenting performances of young dancers, the art of dance promotes self-esteem, discipline, creativity and self-confidence for a lifetime.  As one of Saratoga Springs’ original  dance studios, we have a history of  providing our students with quality and professional instruction and performance opportunities.

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